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Sonny Angels

Sonny Angel Limited Edition Japanese Lucky Series

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Sonny Angels wearing traditional Japanese lucky charms will bring you “healing” and “happiness”. Motifs such as the Lucky Cat, Daruma doll and Raccoon Dog are symbols of “good luck” in Japan.

These traditional themes are adorably applied to Sonny Angel figures. If you put a Sonny Angel Japanese Lucky Charm figure on your desk or front door, he may bring you good luck!

The regular figures are a Guardian Dog, Mount Fuji, Ebisuten (god of prosperous business), Raccoon Dog, Daruma and Lucky Cat. In addition there is a secret, a Robby and 4 lucky Daruma figures. Carton size contains 6 Sonny Angels. You are not guaranteed to receive 6 different Sonnys in the one carton.

Please note, if you purchase a quantity of 6 you will receive a COMPLETE UNOPENED BOX

Single box price $23.95