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Walkie Talkie Card Game

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Get rid of your cards as quickly as possible to obtain the most points. Over and out!

Walkie Talkie is a co-operative game in which players have a very limited amount of time — 30 seconds per player — to get rid of all the cards in their hand, and the more cards that you play, the higher your score.

Everybody has a hand of six cards; cards have a letter on one side and a colour on another, and you have to hold your cards however they're dealt to you. Place one card from the deck letter side up and another colour side up. When the timer starts, everybody plays at the same time. You can play a letter on the letter pile as long as you can name something that starts with that letter and that "matches" the current colour showing; similarly, you can play a colour on the colour pile as long as you can name something of that colour that starts with the letter atop the letter pile. For example, when playing a "B" card next to a yellow card, you could say "Banana!", and when playing an orange card next to an "L", you could say "Lion!" You can't repeat a word previously given, and you can't name the colour of the colour card.

Whenever you want, you can say "Roger!", and all players must flip the cards in their hand, so letters become colours and vice versa. Alternatively, you can say "Over!", and players pass their cards to the left.

When time runs out, you gain points equal to the number of stars on played letter cards, then subtract 1 point for each unplayed card. Try to score as many points as you can!